Lorraine McCoy

Lorraine McCoy was born near Refugio Texas in 1943 on what she would recall as a "dirt poor farm". Lack of money never stopped Lorraine from living life to its fullest. Lorraine McCoy was not only a master of the kitchen, but also a woman of deep faith, devotion, and love for her family and her home state of Texas. 

Lorraine's love for baking and cooking was legendary in Refugio, where she catered countless weddings, potlucks, and get-togethers. When she saw how many fruitcakes went uneaten during Christmas, she decided to take matters into her own hands. With the precision of a scientist and the passion of a chef, Lorraine created the perfect blend of pecans and other local ingredients to make the Texas Pecan Cake. 

So when you take a bite of Lorraine's famous cake, know that you're not just tasting a delicious treat - you're also experiencing a piece of Texas history, crafted with love by a woman who lived a life devoted to God, Texas, and family.


Will & Bridget McCoy

2nd Generation owners Will & Bridget McCoy

Dal & Susan Malone

Dale & Susan have taken the baton passed to them from Will and Bridget and hope to continue to expand the business, keep putting smiles on peoples faces, and carry on the legacy of Lorraine McCoy.