Medium Cake - 2 Pack

Toppings Cake #1: Butter Toffee
Toppings Cake #2: Butter Toffee
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Two step across Texas while eating two of our Medium sized pecan cakes. The cake has caramelized edges for a savory brownie like texture and a soft center for a delightful balance of flavors. Personalize your order by selecting the topping you'd like on each of the 2 cakes. Perfect for special occasions, wedding parties, or after-church Sunday family get-togethers, our Texas pecan cake is sure to please. Each cake serves 5-6 people. Cake weights will range from 11.7-12.3oz based on topping selected.  Contains eggs, nuts, wheat.


Hint:  Butter Toffee was the HEB First Place winning flavor.